The Halcyon Days Luxury Suites

Authentic hospitality in sophisticated suites in Santorini

Halcyon Days Luxury Suites are built in a traditional old canava (the wine cellars of Santorini, usually carved in the rock), where the two main cave styled areas have been transformed into the two Halcyon Days Cave Suites. Arches, bold lines and pristine white embrace the architecture of Santorini to unify the island’s long history with today’s luxurious living. Sophisticated indoors and ample outdoors band with the surrounding nature to create a lavish living space for halcyon days in Santorini, whereas our services only elevate your experience. In Halcyon Days Luxury Suites one thing is definite; your holidays in Santorini will be a lavish and pleasurable time, truly halcyon days of luxury and relaxation.