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Live Halcyon Days of Summer in Santorini

Enjoy your stay at Halcyon Days Luxury Suites

In the shadows of the Casteli of Pyrgos, with amphetheatric views to the lines that form the caldera of Santorini and the eastern side of the island, Halcyon Days Luxury Suites is a complex of suites with private swimming pools or hot tubs that will redefine your summer holidays. Sophisticated decoration, soothing colors and spacious indoors and outdoors all come together to create your summer sanctuary for a holiday experience that offers all you need.

Halcyon Days was inspired by the elements that define Santorini; wood, marble, stone and limestone, all components of Santorini’s nature and harmoniously combined in a minimal yet elegant, eco-friendly accommodation proposal. More natural aspects; the fragrance of potted flowers and ample natural light add to the effortless comfort and elegant sophistication of the Halcyon Days Luxury Suites; a place where you will instantly feel at home, a place that generously offers its irresistible conveniences for your pleasure only! Enter a world of indulgence, tranquility and the volcanic energy of Santorini, a world where everything revolves around your unforgettable summer holiday experience!


Luxury Suites in Santorini

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The meaning and the myth of Halcyon Days

According to Greek Mythology, Halcyone and her husband Ceyx were a couple so happy but arrogant, they sacrilegiously called each other Hera and Zeus. This angered Zeus, who killed Ceyx; the news of his death drove Halcyone to throw herself into the sea. Zeus then transformed them both into seabirds, condemned to eternity to enjoy their love together but to nest in sea beaten rocks in the midst of winter, the harsh elements forever leaving them childless. But Halcyone’s grief of not being able to hatch her eggs was so intense, Zeus finally showed compassion and granted her a few days of calm weather in the heart of winter, days that are since known as Halcyon Days. Nowadays, by halcyon days we mean any period of calmness, relaxation or pleasure, and your stay with us will definitely be your very own, Santorinian halcyon days!