An Island full of Wonders

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Explore Santorini Step- by-Step


General Information

Santorini Island has a rich history, one marred by the volcanic eruption that forever changed its shape and fate. The advanced civilization that flourished in Akrotiri vanished in its effort to escape, leaving behind the lava covered remains of its former glory; together with the imposing caldera, they are the heritage of the volcano, the origin of Santorini’s new chance in life. The remnants of destruction have now become a coveted destination that attracts visitors from around the world, due to their irresistible allure, the unique volcanic products and the breath-taking sunsets, and the island’s history and culture play a significant part in this phenomenon. From the ancient cities of Akrotiri and Thera that showcase the role of Santorini in antiquity, to the medieval Castelia citadels of Pyrgos, Emporeio, Akrotiri, Oia and Skaros at Imerovigli, scattered all around the island is the evidence of a rich, colorful past. And though modern times embrace Santorini’s new role as a touristic destination, nostalgia and respect for its history plays a major part in the daily lives of the local, shaping the island’s character into the irresistible amalgamation that is Santorini.


When exploring the spectacular Santorini, there are several noteworthy sites that a good sightseeing itinerary should include. Starting from Fira, the capital of Santorini that hosts the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, imposing churches and magnificent buildings paired with the spectacle of the caldera. The archaeological excavations of Akrotiri and Ancient Thera are a must for those who wish a glimpse into the ancient side of Santorini, whereas it’s medieval character is best showcased in the majestic Castelia, especially those of Emporeio and Pyrgos. The Rock of Skaros at Imerovigli is another intriguing site, and a perfect spot for viewing the sunset together with Oia, the Lighthouse of Akrotiri and the Monastery of Profitis Ilias. As for beaches, the island boasts some unusual, colorful shores; the Red Beach, the White Beach, the Vlychada and the striking black sanded beaches of Kamari and Perissa should be among your must-stops, whereas secluded corners such as Cambia and Kolumbos are also worth checking out.



To best get to know Santorini, locals suggest a cruise around the caldera and the island. Sailing in a private, luxurious catamaran is an enchanting experience offering a unique perspective, and when combined with the spectacle of the Santorinian sunset, it can be truly life changing! The sea offers so many more activities; swimming, scuba diving and a wide variety of exhilarating water-sports, and landwards, equally exciting proposals arise: horse-riding tours, hiking around the caldera, private guided sightseeing tours, wine tastings at local wineries and anything you could imagine! Santorini has so much to offer you, open your heart and let it in!