Halcyon Days Luxury Suites Location

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The Imposing Pyrgos Village

Halcyon Days Luxury Suites is located on one of Santorini’s monuments of medieval heritage, the imposing Pyrgos Village. In the center of the island, surrounded by the Great Vineyard of Santorini where the treasured local wines originate, Pyrgos combines all the elements that make this unique, volcanic island so special. History, architecture, nature, spectacular views and the unbeatable ambiance of a place where the past and the present seamlessly merge; Pyrgos is a truly beautiful place.

During the medieval times, Pyrgos was one of Santorini’s citadels, or as they were more commonly known, Castelia. The outer walls of the citadel’s houses were thick, tall and sturdy, serving as the casteli’s outer fortifications. Narrow alleys, geometrical shapes and hidden corners make a stroll around Pyrgos a mystifying experience, whereas its modern-day face hides plenty of surprises; traditional taverns that are gastronomic destinations, wineries bottling the pure essence of Santorini, panoramic views and paths that lead to amazing sites, such as the Monastery of Profitis Ilias, the ruins of Ancient Thera and so many more. Explore all that Pyrgos has to offer and enter a breath-taking spot where history, culture and beauty blend harmoniously to praise the magnificence of this little slice of heaven, Santorini Island!


The Village

The village of Pyrgos Kallistis, a name which literally means “the most beautiful castle”, is one of the most important villages in Santorini. Built on a slope with panoramic views to the entire island, Pyrgos was the capital of Santorini before it was transferred to Fira. Pyrgos features one of the most intriguing cultural scenes on the island with historic churches, imposing mansions and many attractions. Today Pyrgos is a must-visit destination in the island of Santorini for a long stroll to its medieval Casteli, stops to the churches or to enjoy some traditional Greek coffee and local delicacies in the cafes and restaurants found all around the village. The mystifying atmosphere created by the ruins of the castle walls blending with beautiful mansions and traditional bell towers makes your stay at Halcyon Days in Pyrgos village such a memorable experience.

The Venetian Castle

Pyrgos village is one of the five Castelli (castles) of Santorini. Built in the 16th century to protect its citizens from pirates, the Castelli of Pyrgos consists of the walls of the houses that act as the walls of the castle as well. The main gate of the Castelli stands today and awaits for visitors to pass through it to reach to the highest point of the village to enjoy its amazing view.

Culture & Museums

Besides being a living and breathing museum itself, the village of Pyrgos is home to two interesting museums: The “Cultural Village, Santorini of the past”, which showcases life on the island over the last two centuries through authentic material and the “Collection οf Icons and Ecclesiastical Objects” at the top of the Castelli with important religious exhibits. The village of Pyrgos also has a lot of churches that are worth discovering as they are great examples of the architecture of the era representing.


Pyrgos is the place to be if you like hiking and discovering landscapes by foot as it is the starting point to discover some of Santorini most beautiful attractions. From Pyrgos you can visit the Monastery of Prophet Elias and continue to Ancient Thera with the amazing views or head south to the villages of Megalochori and Emporeio to explore yet another Castelli. Other interesting routes include the one to the church of Aghios Georgios (Katefhio) and to other churches.

Wine Tours & Tastings

Once in Pyrgos village and Halcyon Days Luxury Suites you will have the chance to explore and enjoy the delights of Santorini’s most precious product, wine! Surrounded by vineyards, in Pyrgos we find the largest winery on the island, SantoWines where you can indulge in a wine tasting experience. You can also visit the Hatzidakis Winery and Venetsanos Winery, whereas other major wineries are located in nearby villages.

Easter at Pyrgos

Probably the most important day for Pyrgos Village is Good Friday as in this village takes a place a uniquely beautiful tradition. During the epitaph procession the whole village lights up as thousands of flaming cans are placed on roof tops and walls around the castle creating a breath-taking reverent atmosphere. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience that you can enjoy during your stay in Halcyon Days Luxury Suites!

The Monastery of Prophet Elias

Built on the highest peak of Santorini Island, the monastery of Prophet Elias is among the top sites on the island. The impressive bell tower, the serene gardens and the amazing panoramic views make your stop here one treasurable experience!